About Us


About Us

Information on our author and vitamin B12 expert David Rotter, as well as background information and aims of vitaminb12.de and Dr. Schweikart GmbH.


David Rotter

Born 1981, Hildesheim
Lived and worked in Wendland and Berlin
Interests: holistic health, spirituality, science, music and climbing(sport)

  • Since 2012 Technical Editor in the field of nutrition and medicine at Dr. Schweikart GmbH.
  • Since 2010 working as a journalist in the fields of medicine & health, philosophy and spirituality.
  • Since 2009 Editor-in-chief at sein.de
  • 2004-2008 Freelance Journalist in Hamburg
  • 2001-2004 Cultural Studies at University of Hildesheim

My Passion: the Human Body as One

As editor-in-chief at one of the largest holistic online magazines for a number of years now I have been writing about a diversity of themes concerning the topics of health, natural remedies and nutrition, as well as following scientific developments on these matters to accompany my features. 

The range of micronutrients is one of the most interesting areas of modern science. The holistic and systematic understanding of the complex and interconnected human organism opens a new and fascinating perspective on health and illness. Instead of focussing on individual locations the entire biochemical system is considered, allowing the bigger picture to be really opened up. “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” – true to this Hippocratic aphorism, it is clear that nutrient deficiencies are what cause disease and illness in an otherwise healthy diet and therefore can be used as a treatment.

As a vegan the topic of vitamin B12 has interested me for a long time as a personal interest. Through my own research I have found that the most comprehensive sources of information and studies are all written in English.

Our network

In 2013 together with Dr. Jörg Schweikart the idea of publishing our knowledge was born, which brings you this website here today. It combines knowledge from almost three years intensive research along with numerous interviews with leading vitamin B12 experts, medical practitioners and doctors.

Through this portal we hope to contribute to exposure that this interesting vitamin deserves, so that information about vitamin B12 can become more easily accessible to the general public.

Vitaminb12.de is part of the Dr. Schweikart GmbH network (www.drschweikart.com). We publish independent advise regarding health, medicine, alternative and holistic healing methods, diet, fitness, exercise, yoga, energetic healing and spirituality – in short, all areas of healing in both the narrow and broad sense. We particularly value the combining of all three pillars of holistic mind, body and soul healing:*

  1. scientific and academic medicine,
  2. alternative medicine and naturopathy,
  3. spiritual and energetic techniques and healing.

In this respect we coordinate with experts from each field (doctors, alternative practitioners, yoga therapists etc.)

You can reach Dr. Schweikart GmbH by email here: infodrschweikart.com. We welcome your comments and questions and are always open to feedback.


We are always interested in long-term partnerships on mutual terms. We collaborate with selected partners and place particular emphasis on value and quality for the visitors to our site. Proposals and ideas are very welcome. 

If you contribute to Dr. Schweikart GmbH and would like to implement a partnership with another website or a project with a focus on healing, then please contact us via email.

* Our content is intended for informational purposes only and does replace the advice or treatment of a physician or medical practitioner. We strongly advise consulting your doctor, pharmacist or alternative practitioner to alleviate or cure illness, pain or bodily injury and if you have any questions about drugs, medicines or lifestyle. 

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