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About Us

About the website B12-vitamin.com, the Dr Schweikart publisher and the Association for the Promotion of Holistic Health.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is a vital vitamin for many bodily functions and is essential to both physical and mental health. 

Today, more and more people are opting for vegetarian or vegan diets due to ethical and/or ecological concerns. These diets require special attention to the B12 level, which is why reliable information about vitamin B12 is more important than ever.


B12-vitamin.com is one of the most comprehensive online guides to vitamin B12. This website brings together all of the most important information on the topic of vitamin B12 taken from both scientific studies and experiences from practice. 

The purpose of this website is to gather essential knowledge on vitamin B12 and its preventative and therapeutic potential. It is intended for all people interested in actively improving and maintaining their own health, as well as for medical practitioners who are interested in holistic health approaches. Our aim is to therefore strike a balance between high scientific standards and good readability, so that this website can serve as a rich source of information for beginners and experienced practitioners alike. 

To this end, we systematically evaluate international scientific studies on the topic of vitamin B12 and present the key findings in an understandable and well-structured format. What is more, we maintain a lively exchange with doctors, therapist and practitioners of alternative medicine – incorporating some of their latest practice-based research. Testimonials from our readers sometimes also enter into our articles. 




Our Authors

 Dr Elio Adler, MSc.

Dental health and sleep. Doctorate in dentistry with focus on the following areas: implantology, aesthetic dentistry, snoring and sleep apnoea dentistry, naturopathic dentistry, metal-free dentures.

Ursula Ehrhorn
Doctor of integrative medicine. General practitioner, homeopathy, naturopathy. Medical practice for integrative medicine, Berlin.

Dr med. Ralf Heinrich
Naturopathic doctor, head of the THERA Practice Clinic, Berlin. THERA focuses on prevention and treatment of chronic diseases and stress.

Annette Johnson
Specialist in general medicine, Rottenburg am Neckar - additional title: naturopathic treatment, acupuncture and rescue service. Focuses on: fibromyalgia, Lyme disease and food intolerances.

Gwendolin Kirchhoff
Science writer on the topic of nutrients and superfoods. MA in philosophy, certified Kundalini yoga teacher and naturopath, Berlin.

Sandra Lindenau (HP)
Medicinal plants. Graduate engineer for landscape planning, alternative practitioner for psychotherapy, Berlin.

Katharina Otto
Science writer with a background in psychology (M. Sc.). Currently training to become a psychotherapist, Berlin.

Dr med. Johannes Richter
Doctor, radiologist, nuclear physician, AnthroNUK Practice, Berlin.

David Rotter
Nutrients. Science journalist and nutritionist, Lüchow. Many years of experience in various journalistic fields.

Dr med. dent. Anja Carina Schabel
Dental health. Author and doctor of dentistry with focus on preventive dentistry. Berlin.

Dr Birgit Schiel
Orthomolecular medicine. Doctor of Health Sciences, Graz, training in orthomolecular medicine.

Dr Jörg Schweikart
Tea and nutrients. Doctor of economics, many years of experience in the publishing business, tea lover, training as a nutritionist and alternative practitioner, Berlin.

Alexander Spies
Naturopath, Berlin - classical and integrative osteopathy, TCM, herbal medicine and kinesiology - adults, children and babies.


Dr. Schweikart Publisher

Dr Schweikart is a publisher based in Berlin, which produces founded, science-based print on the topic of health and nutrition. In addition to this, seminars and workshops are also held.

The aim of Dr Schweikart is to promote and disseminate a holistic and integrative view of health. The focus is on providing information on a wide range of topics that all have a significant impact on health, which include above all:

  • Diet and nutritional medicine
  • Medicinal plants and herbs
  • Movement, sport and physical fitness
  • Detoxification and handling toxins
  • Preservation of mental health and psychological wellbeing
  • Meditation, yoga, ayurveda, TCM


Holistic Understanding of Health

Underlying Dr Schweikart as a publisher is a holistic approach to health and wellbeing that posits the human being as a unity of mind, body and soul. With this understanding, sustainable health and healing becomes possible only through the harmonious interplay of these three elements. For this reason, our work is based on knowledge from the following three major areas:

  1. Science and university medicine
  2. Alternative medicine and naturopathy
  3. Psychological and spiritual ways of healing


A New World View – A New Medicine

In recent years, Western understandings of health have begun to shift; knowledge which received comparatively little recognition is now gaining public attention. These changing perspectives are the results of cutting-edge research and complex scientific studies, yet at the same time bring us back to many ancient, tried and tested insights.

The world of medicine is undergoing a similar development, as we can observe with the increasingly popular field of ecology. From a reductionist, mechanistic view of the world – which attempts to grasp nature and its organisms with a detached, linear logic – there has been a turn towards a more holistic understanding, which acknowledges how strongly all aspects of nature (including our bodies) are interconnected.

It is becoming clearer and clearer that only through a holistic approach can we truly understand and maintain health; the isolated treatment of individual aspects too often falls short and can even be counterproductive. Undeniably we can see these striking interconnections in the discoveries of numerous biochemical reaction pathways, important chemical messenger and complex regulatory mechanisms.

The Need for a Rethink

New research clearly shows the limits of conventional treatment methods that focus only on individual symptoms. Inevitably, such methods often have knock-on effects for the entire system. 

Consequently, the need for a rethink is becoming increasingly urgent. Especially as there has been a worldwide rise in the so-called “diseases of modern life”. To an alarming extent people are suffering from health damage as a result of toxic pollution, as well as from various other mental and physical disorders such as stress, depression and burn-out. It is our belief that only through a holistic approach to health can we find solutions to these global problems. 

Holistic Health – Understanding Connections

The fundamental understanding in holistic health is that humans and their environment are whole, and that all individual aspects influence each other. This view is increasingly confirmed by new research that can quantify and biochemically explain such interdependencies. 

There are four major areas, which influence our overall health balance (homeostasis): 

  1. Psychology & Mental Health

Recent research has outlined how major the psychosomatic and emotional aspects of many diseases are. Stress in particular is becoming one of the most significant causes of illness. 

The measurable connections between body and mind make it increasingly clear that a holistic approach to treatment must also take an individual’s psychological condition into consideration. 

A balanced mind and the successful management of stress are therefore essential factors in the maintenance of good health. 

  1. Nutrition

“Food is medicine” is one of the oldest pieces of medical wisdom. Nutrition has an undeniably powerful influence on health. To this end, new treatment practices such as micronutrient therapy (orthomolecular medicine), as well as various other nutritional approaches and fasting, show impressive results. 

A healthy diet is the foundation of good health; nutrients are effective therapeutic agents. 

  1. Exercise

In the last few years, the field of sport and exercise has made some incredible findings. That movement, exercise, sport and yoga help to maintain good health was always clear. However, on a chemical level, just how influential the effects of movement are on the metabolism, hormone balance and immune system, has come as a great surprise. 

Exercise effects all health factors to a major extent and is indispensable to maintaining good health.

  1. Environment

There is a monumental relationship between the environment and health; an interrelation that has been neglected in recent times. Pollution and toxins in the air, food and building materials can have a devastating impact on the body and health. 

Natural processes of avoiding and eliminating these challenges are evermore vital in the treatment of many diseases. Only in a healthy living environment can good health be sustained. 

Through its publications and activities, Dr Schweikart aims to highlight the crucial correlations between these four areas to present effective treatment and preventative health approaches. 

Association for the Promotion of Holistic Health

The Association for the Promotion of Holistic Health (APHH) is a cooperation partner of the Dr Schweikart publisher based in Switzerland, which publishes online information on all aspects of holistic health. The association works in accordance with its statutes on a purely non-profit basis.

The online offerings of APHH are aimed at all people who want to actively promote and maintain their own health and wellbeing, but also at health practitioners who want to learn more about holistic therapy approaches.

APHH is committed to the belief that content relating to holistic health needs a strong public presence and that all people should have free access to expert advice and detailed information. APHH’s online publishing activities seek to make vital information about the latest health research and therapeutic practices more accessible, to raise awareness about this vital field.

Purpose of Content

The contents of this website are for informative purposes only, intended to reflect the results of current scientific studies and the professional opinions of our experts and authors. In no case should the information provided here replace the advice and treatment of doctors or alternative health practitioners. To diagnose, cure or soothe any diseases, ailments or injuries – and for recommendations on medicines, treatments, diet and lifestyle – we strongly advise you to consult your doctor, pharmacist or alternative health practitioner. 





You can contact our team via email at infovitaminb12.de
We look forward to your feedback, questions and proposals, and are always open to suggestions for improvement. 

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