Vitamin B12 Mega Dose: 5000-10000 MCG

B12 Super Dosage 

Vitamin B12 Mega Dose: 5000-10000 MCG

Vitamin B12 mega doses of over 5000 µg are available. Are extremely high B12 doses dangerous? Should I take as much vitamin B12 as possible?

The B12 Mega Dose – Does it Help Many People?

This dose is vitamin B12 to the extreme! Many companies advertise their vitamin B12 mega dose products this way, but is such a high dosage of vitamin B12 really worthwhile?

Vitamin B12 is healthy and essential. This often leads to the belief that the more vitamins taken, the better and healthier you will feel. The truth of this is unfortunately very limited. If the optimum dose is exceeded, then vitamins can upset the very delicate balance of the body and place excretion under excessive stress.

For this basic reason, the vitamin B12 mega dose is easy to criticize: put plainly, it is unnecessarily high when being used to meet the daily requirement. When can this mega dose actually be of value?

Vitamin B12 Mega Dose in Profile

Possible reasonable requirements for the mega dose are as follows:

  • at the start of treatment for refilling the vitamin B12 body store, so long as this is taken over a restricted time period
  • for treatment against toxification and nerve disease

An intake of vitamin B12 in this quantity should be discussed with an experienced therapist beforehand. It is entirely unnecessary for covering the daily requirement and simple prevention.

Danger of a Vitamin B12 Overdose?

Vitamin B12 is nontoxic and doses of up to 5000 µg show absolutely no negative side effects in the short term. Findings on the long term effect of taking a dosage this size are currently unavailable.

Despite this, small dosages are more comfortable and worthwhile for all people; the mega dose is in our opinion really only necessary in areas of treatment.

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